Hello dear friends,

I am happy and thrilled to unveil my next project and the focus of (in all likelihood) the next 8 years of my life.

Warden is a next generation SaaS security service that helps websites to stop their end user’s accounts from being hacked (or taken over). Warden employs fraud algorithms, machine learning and smart notifications to deliver the same level of sophistication that security centres in websites such as Google or Facebook have for a monthly subscription fee.

Warden is an idea I had a bit over a year ago now. In a world where where popular services have had their entire databases of usernames and passwords leaked, I believe metadata assisted authentication is extremely important in order to protect our accounts online. Some big technology companies have been able to leverage their huge datasets and expertise to deploy sophisticated account protection measures while smaller competitors have been left to fend for themselves, at times hindering user experience at the cost of ‘security’.

This is what we are here to change. After spending all summer working on it I am very excited about our designed next generation service. We will be posting more updates in our blog about our upcoming launch, expected in a few months.

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